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Large Conductance Modulation of Gold Thin Films by Huge Charge Injection via Electrochemical Gating

American Physical Society
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  • Chemistry
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By using an electrochemical gating technique with a new combination of polymer and electrolyte, we were able to inject surface charge densities n2D as high as 3.5×10^15 e/cm^2 in gold films and to observe large relative variations in the film resistance, ΔR/R′, up to 10% at low temperature. ΔR/R′ is a linear function of n2D—as expected within a free-electron model—if the film is thick enough (≥25 nm); otherwise, a tendency to saturation due to size effects is observed. The application of this technique to 2D materials might allow extending the field-effect experiments to a range of charge doping where large conductance modulations and, in some cases, even the occurrence of superconductivity are expected

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