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Detection of genes in feces by booster polymerase chain reaction.

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A 321-bp fragment intragenic to the gene ereA carried by Escherichia coli BM2195 was used as a model target to study the conditions under which DNA amplification by booster polymerase chain reaction can be used to detect specific bacterial DNA sequences in fecal specimens. When target E. coli cells were mixed with 41 freshly obtained fecal specimens, the polymerase chain reaction detection limit varied from 4.5 to 7.1 log CFU/g of feces, depending on the individual fecal specimen used to prepare the test sample. These variations were not statistically related to the sex or age of the subject from whom the specimen was obtained. After storage of the samples for 4 weeks at room temperature on swabs or filter papers, no loss in sensitivity was observed.

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