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Venus rising

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The context of this exhibition is the National Galleries of Scotland’s long-term interest in Brettle’s activities as an artist-photographer. Following the Galleries’ acquisition of Titian's Venus Rising, a project was developed around the collection’s various depictions of Venus. Brettle’s photographs, which use new imaging technology to recover the ‘colour’ lost in the blank marble surfaces of Neo-classical nude sculptures, were installed alongside works by Titian (Venus Anadyomene), Lucas Cranach the Elder (Venus and Cupid), Rene Magritte (La Representation), Calum Colvin, (Venus Anadyomene, After Titian), Edgar Degas (The Tub), Edward Baird (the Birth of Venus) and Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (the Medici Venus). The project focussed Brettle’s politically engaged practice on the concept of ‘restoration’ and the contested notion of the female ‘subject’. Her aim was to add social and historical insight to the audience’s understanding of the contents of the National Galleries of Scotland. Brettle’s work with the Gallery has received recognition through various publications: - ‘Companion Guide to Photography in the Collection of the Scottish National Galleries’, 2001. This publication documented the entire collection of photographic works in the Scottish National Galleries and included a critical appraisal of each work. - ‘Espacios del arte: (Spaces for Art) Artworks for publication’, EXIT: Media and Culture: Issue 9, Feb 2003. ‘Space for Art’ looked at the work of artists who engage with the politics of museum space: - Portfolio: the catalogue of contemporary photography in Britain (issue 32). Review:

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