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A comparison between [Ti]-MCM-41 and amorphous mesoporous silica-titania (MST) as catalysts for the epoxidation of bulky unsaturated alcohols

Elsevier B.V.
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  • Organic Chemistry > Catalysis
  • Orgchem/0009001


The preparation of a new amorphous mesoporous silica-titania (MST) is here reported. Following a modification of the standard procedure employed in the preparation of TS-1, a material showing a narrow pore size distribution in the mesopore region (ca. 30 Ä mean pore diameter) is obtained. The catalytic features, tested in the epoxidation of a series of unsaturated terpenic alcohols, were compared with those of an ordered mesoporous material as Ti-containing MCM-41. MST displayed mainly a higher activity than [Ti]-MCM-41 and a progressive increase in epoxidation rate was observed passing from bishomoallylic to allylic alcohols. Under these conditions, a global improvement in alkene conversion was achieved using methylacetate as solvent, without a remarkable loss in epoxide selectivity. During repeated recycles no significant changes in both catalytic performances and active metal content were recorded.

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