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Telematics programme (1991-1994). EUR 15402 EN

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' J. . u; . ·- Telematics Programme - - - -)( w w (.) EUROPEAN COMMISSION DGXIII User Rectangle '\ ,1 I.~ • *** * * * * * * *** Telematics Programme EUROPEAN COMMISSION DGXIII User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle INDEX Introduction The TELEMATICS programme Towards a TELEMATICS programme Programme participants Programme management Summary of TELEMATICS programme areas Area 1 .. Exchanging Information between European administrations Area 2 .. Transport Services Area 3 .. Health Care Area 4- Flexible and Distance Learning EIJ Area 5 .. Libraries Area 6 .. Linguistic Research and Engineering A Z Area 7 .. Telematics Systems for Rural Areas · Technologies and Standards applied in the TELEMATICS Programme Present and future 1992 Activity Report on the TELEMATICS Programme • t····f Advanced studies and preparatory actions for future TELEMATICS Areas Looking into the future Contact addresses RTD Programme: Telematic Systems in Areas of General interest An EC Research & Technological Development Programme (1991- 1994) p.l p.2 p.4 p.5 p.6 p.9 p.11 p.l3 p.l5 p.l7 p.l9 p.21 p.22 p.24 p.25 p.26 p.29 INTRODUCTION A century or so ago, the powerhouses of Western Europe revolutionised society by building an unparalleled infrastructure for transport and communications. Today, as the demands of an educated and more prosperous society begin to test the capacity of traditional institutions and services, new technologies and telecommunications offer us the chance to replace and re ... build these, and to invest for the next millennium. A unique experiment is underway in the European Community. A series of programmes of RTD (Research & Technological Development) is bringing together people of different nationalities and technologies of different specifications. Companies, administrations, educational institutions and researchers from al

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