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The Distribution of the HAYAKU : On the Dialect of the Chūbu Area in JAPAN

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  • Linguistics


We have tried to interpret the distribution of the HAYAKU, a continuous form of an adjective, in the Chūbu Area dialect in Japan by using the linguistic geographical method. The results : 1) The contrastive distributions between the HAYAKU and the HAYŌ are roughly as same as the KŌGOHŌBUNPUZU. That have not changed much since 39th Meiji era. 2) The HAYŌ, which has influenced wide, seems to be older than the HAYAKU in the Chūbu Area. 3) Euphonic changes of the HAYŌ have distributed over westside of the border-line between Niigata prefecture and Toyohashi city. 4) Both the SHIROKU and the SHIRŌ at Meiji era coexisted in the middle-south parts of Aichi prefecture. But the SHIRŌ only are distinctive now. 5) Not so remarkable changes of the euphonic distribution between the aged and youth can be seen. But. the NUKUTANAI are increezing gradually.

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