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Statistical Analysis of Dynamic Bearing Capacity of Driven Pile

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  • Dynamic Formulas
  • Pile Bearing Capacity
  • Normal Distribution
  • Probabilistics.


This paper presents the use of statistical-probabilistic method in determining pile bearing capacities over a number of driven piles. Four dynamic formulas were employed to estimate pile bearing capacity including modified ENR, Hiley, Navy ??? McKay and Danish. We investigated the final setting data of 47 concrete piles with 600 mm diameter in the construction projects of New Naval Engineering Building Hasanuddin University. Based on the data, pile bearing capacity were computed and then analyzed statistically. Goodness of fit with Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk were used to fit the probability distribution function (PDF) of the pile bearing capacity data to the PDF model. It was found that the pile bearing capacity estimated using ENR is more uniform with 506 tons average pile capacity and 6.4% COV, while that with Hiley and Danish are less various with 252 tons and 346 tons average pile capacity, and 14.7% and 16.6% COV respectively. Navy-McKay was found to have 465.8 tons average pile capacity with higher variability of 44.08%. A 90% Probability of pile bearing capacity estimated by ENR is 535 tons, or 1.17 times the upper bound, and 1.4 times the lower bound of pile capacity measured by pile driving analyzer (PDA). In comparison, 90% probability estimated by Danish is 420 tons or 0.93 times and 0.92 of the upper and lower bound of pile capacity measured by PDA, respectively. The Navy-McKay seeems to be overestimated whereas Hiley is underestimated.

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