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Health Science Center Library Study - Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Grant

George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Faculty Enhancement Opportunity~ Application DUE to FEO Central Task Force by March 1, 2011 for awards in Summer/Fall 2011 Page 1 of 9 NOTE: Given the volume of FEO applications being submitted, it will no longer be possible to return applications for budget corrections, failure to indicate Unit funding or missing a CV. Please carefully proof your final copy before submission. Unfortunately, the FEO Task Force cannot review incomplete or inaccurate applications and they will be rejected. If you have questions, please call Ellen Sattler at 392-6004 for assistance prior to submitting your application. She will be happy to help you complete the application. Name (last, first): -=B:....:o::...:t.=..e:...:ro::...L,-"C::....:e::....:c::..:.;il:..:..:ia=- _ UF ID: 0020-3480 Email address: [email protected] Type of Appointment (check): ~tenured tenure-track clinical track __other (~ ----') Date of Appointment to UF Faculty (month/year): 8/1986 --------- Date Tenure Awarded, if applicable, (month/year):-..-:7'--'-/---'-1'---'/1:....::9:....::9'---'.1 _ College: George A. Smathers Libraries Department: Health Science Center Libraries Campus address: 1600 SW Archer Rd. C3-63 Department Fiscal Manager: Brian Keith ------------------ Budget information (must match totals on Budget Worksheet on page 6): Central FEO Funds Requested: $21,980 --'-------'------------ *College/Department Funds to be Provided: --"$:....:1-=6:..L,8:::...1.:..:0=--- *Must be included. Other Funds to be Applied, if applicable: ----------- GRAND TOTAL FORFEO: $38,790 _"'--"-"--'-'---=-..::c _ FEO Activity Date: Start (mo/yr) Sept. 1, 2011 End (mo/yr) Aug. 31, 2012 Is this a reapplication? If yes, please indicate when you previously applied: Fall 2010 FED - Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Application and Budget Approval Form (Rev. 11/10) Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (££Q) Application Page 2 of9 ABSTRACT: (Provide~ paragraph describing your proposed FEO project in a way that can be understood by

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