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Address by Patrick J. Hillery, Vice President of the Commission of the European Communities to the plenary session of the Economic and Social Committee. Brussels, 25 November 1976

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untitled .. ADDRESS BY DR. PATRICK J. HILLERY, VICE-PRESIDf'iT OF THE CONHISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COHMUNITIES, TO THE PLENARY SESSION OF TUE ECONOMIC A~TI SOCIAL COMMITTEE ON THURSDAY, 25 NOVEMBER, 197~ ._ '-"- { ~ .~_..-.r__..(,/1 1 ·. --·--oOo----- Thank you, Mr. President, for your welcome and good wishes. A member of the Commission of the European Communities and the President-elect of a member State have at least one thing in common. They both must have a keen practical awareness of the opinions, prob~ems and aspirations of the people they are to serve. May I, very briefly, recall on this occasion how I have experienced your Committee's contribution to the shaping of this awareness. One of the many progressive features of the Treaties establishing the European Communities is the prominent position they give to the involvement of the social partners in the development of Community initiatives and policies. Both through my meetings with you here in Plenary Session and with the Section for Social Questions, and through my appreciation of the range and depth of your opinions on topics relating to my particular responsibility as Commissioner for Social Affairs, I have come to appreciate in a special way the foresight of those who engineered the close working relationship between the Economic and Social Committee and the Community Institutions. ··-··---· _______ _._ ____________ _..._..._ __ •. ... ... .. ... - .. ,---·-- Unemployment and inflation are the central political concerns of the Community today, concerns for which there is no easy cure or analysis. What seems certain, and ,this is a conviction I think we would share, is· that there are structural factors in the current economic and social situation which will only be changed by that common consent which comes from shared responsibility • I believe that some of the contacts created and ideas stimulated through the members

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