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Letter from G. H. Bergold to Joshua Lederberg

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mvmtor4 w -T RIOLOOY SCICNCC SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE -TORY OF INUCT CATNOWY RAULT STC. MARIE. ONT. October 15, 1953 Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Department of Ce:-,etics, University of Wisconsin, College of Agriculture, Madison 6,. Wisconsin, IT. S. 8. Dear Dr. Lederberg: ' Coming back from &rope I found your letter of September 16. Smy thanks for your interest in our work. Your questions of the kind of trans-ovarial transmission of insect viruses cannot be answered clearly at present. A3 a matter of fact it is our chief headache to obtain absolute disease-free insect strains. At the present such insects seem not to exist because by continous stress for instance application of fluorides (Vago) you can drive the virus out if not in the first more likely in the second or third generation. JFy personal opinion is of an almost perfect equilibrium which is nearly a symbiosis between these insect viruses and their hosts. This equilibrium can last probably indefinitely whereby a certain amount of multipliclrLtion must take place somewhere in the insect 1ikeIy somewhere around the gonads. Very ppebably without a production of zny inclusion bodies (polyhedra). These questions we ?re trying to solve now with Cq virus. I understand and appreciate enormously your interest in these questions in connection with cytoplasmic inheritance. I may add that I had several rather serious quarrels with Dr. Lwoff about this point. After reading your very excellent review on this matter (Physiolo,$cal Reviews, Vol. 42: 403: 1952) I was very highly impressed by your "biological viewpoint". You Seem to be one of the very few scientists who know and respect biology besides biochemistry. I would highly appreciate it if we could discuss our problems personally, This should riot be too,difPicult 3inco we are not too far away. Being in Europe practically all this summer I have a lot to do this winter but I hope there will be an opportunity next rear for a discuss

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