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InP monolithically integrated label swapper device for spectral amplitude coded optical packet networks

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paper.dvi InP monolithically integrated label swapper device for spectral amplitude coded optical packet networks P. Muñoz, R. García-Olcina, J.D. Doménech, M. Rius, J. Sancho and J. Capmany iTEAM Research Institute Univ. Politécnica de Valencia (Spain) E-mail: [email protected] L.R. Chen and C. Habib Photonics Systems Group Electrical & Computer Eng. Dept. McGill University (Canada) E-mail: [email protected] X.J.M. Leijtens, T. de Vries, M.J.R. Heck, L. Augustin, R. Notzel and D. Robbins Opto-Electronic Devices group TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands) E-mail: [email protected] Abstract—In this paper a label swapping device, for spectral amplitude coded optical packet networks, fully integrated using InP technology is presented. Compared to previous demonstra- tions using discrete component assembly, the device footprint is reduced by a factor of 105 and the operation speed is increased by a factor of 103. This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first demonstration of a totally integrated label swapping device. I. INTRODUCTION The actual optical network infrastructure is based in connec- tion oriented (circuit) networks. However most of the traffic since nearly 15 years ago is data (packet/burst) traffic. One of the major drivers for a change from circuit to packet optical networks will be the availability of cheap and power efficient components, able to perform the different network functions over data packets. Amongst these functions, oper- ations over the packet headers (labels) is crucial for packet optical networks to succeed. One approach is optical code multiprotocol label switching (OC-MPLS). Several labeling implementations have been subject of research; a simple but yet effective approach is the Spectral Amplitude Coded (SAC) label swapping [1]: a spectral band is reserved for labels, and divided into N wavelength slots, therefore enabling 2N−1 labels. A key component in a OC-MPLS network node is the label swapper (LS), which strips the incoming label,

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