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Removal of technical barriers to trade in industrial products: passenger cars. Information Memo P-1/77, January 1977

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-fioNEN FoR DE EURoPTETsKE I'MISSION OF THE EUROPEAN .3"",s1o*E nFr LF coMUNrrA_r'' --' FTELLESsKABERs - KoMMrsstoN DER euRoeArscnrN GEMTtNScHAFTEN - COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES EUROPEE - COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE cEMEENSCHAPPEIT P-t TALSMANDENS GRUPPE SP R ts C H F R G R U P P E SPOKESMAN'S GROUP GROUPE DU PORTE-PAROLE GRUPPO t]FL PORTAVOCE AUREAU VAN IJE !{,OOROVOERf]ER [{F0RMATt0l{ ll{t0Rlvl AT0RI SCH E AUFZ El CHl{Ul{G II{F(IRMATI(II{ MEM(} Bnrssels, Janua4r I{tlTE tl'IilFtlRMATI(|I{ t{0TA ll'[{F0RMAZt0t{E TER BIICUMEI{TIE L9T7 REilOVAt ', .tt,j '',\tS ': .\ ;l ',.. -l {t bIRhrERs To TnaIrE nr rlrunrrnu,t pRODUCTS: PASSEICEIR CARS llhe nonentun achieveal by the Connissionte d.epartnents in aligning national legis-lations ao as to renove technical bamiers to :-ntra-4ofilunity trad.e and. ensure the free noveoetrt of good,s haE been firther cleveloperl. during the second. half of L975. Passenger ears rere the prlority septor for 1976. Bwentlr-eight directivee have al- reacly beea atlopted, hannonieing teolhical specifications for cars, rrithin the scope of the t;rpe-approval d.irective ad.opietl in 197O. llhqT cove" a wide range of aspects$rch as brakes, Gafety-!61ts, Lighis, noise, and exhaust pollution, rith a vj.ew to the frec narketing of products to increaged consumer choice rhile at the saoe tine giving greater eafety and environmental protection to the ipublic. The package of LB C.irectiveE approved. by the Councll in Jun.e 1976 contained seven on oarE (f), tne eleven final proposals r*rich wi1!- complete the Cournrurity type-i approual nachinerTr for ears w€ro transnitted to the Council in Novenber and December 1975" [odification of the t.vp (2) Certain nodifications have been nad.o to the origi.nal directive in the light of ex- perience as to lts appLication galneit since i.ts adoption. It has been in foree si.nce 197f in the origi.nal llenbe: Siates and in the new Menbcr States since L9i3" Ttre

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