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Property Market Research SGP 3113)Sem 2/2008-09 Lab Work 1: Instructor’s Comments

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Comments of students’ Lab Work 1 Lab Date: 18/7/2008 Questions: Refer to Lab Work 1 (2008) at Reasons for deduction of marks: Aspects of omission Deduction 1. Not stating basic information of the lab work, such as: * Not stating the date of lab work e.g. Date: 18/7/2008 0.25 * Not stating the Lab Work series e.g. Lab Work 1 0.25 * Improper or incomplete listing of group members 0.25 2. Not writing the question’s number on the spreadsheet e.g. Question 1 0.25 3. Not stating source(s) of data for each table e.g. Source: Economic Reports, 2000. 0.5 4. Unsatisfactory, incomplete, or improper answers 1-5 Overall comments: Most groups were weak in analysing facts and figures. The ability to observe trends, patterns, and explain phenomena needs to be improved. Try to explain only what you can observe from the data but do not try to explain cause-and-effect phenomena that you can’t find the evidence from the data. That needs a further step of investigation. Proposed comments on the graphs drawn: To guide students in answering Questions 1 and 2, here are examples of answers. Question 1: Except for the construction sub-sector, all other economic sub-sectors have shown an increasing GDP performance, albeit small for some sub-sectors, in terms of nominal monetary value contributions during the 1996-2007’s period, with the manufacturing sub-sector topped the list. The FIRE sub-sector has been competing with the wholesale & trade, hotel & restaurant sub-sector in the second place. Relative sectoral contributions, in terms of percentage GDP, of all economic sub-sectors have not changed very much over the 1996-2007’s period. However, some sub-sectors such as agriculture, forestry, and fishing; mining and quarrying; and government services have shown declining relative GDP contributions. In other words, their relative GDP performance has been declining over the past twelve ye

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