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Vliv nezaměstnanosti na psychiku člověka

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  • Nezaměstnanost
  • Problémové Skupiny Nezaměstnaných
  • Psychika Nezaměstnaného
  • Aktivní Politika Zaměstnanosti
  • Projekty Na řešení Nezaměstnanosti
  • Unemployment
  • Groups Of Person With Problematic Use On The Employment Market
  • Unemploymed Human Mentall Condition
  • Active Politics Of Employment
  • Projects For Solving Unemployment
  • Economics
  • Education


The unemployment leads to a deprivation of basic needs. Seriousness of unemployment depends on the lenght of its duration. Long-term unemployment leads to the apathy and evokes a short-time thinking. One of the main targets of employment policy is reduction of a long - term unemployment. The method of questionary investigation was used to gather the information. There were two questionary forms, one of them for the employed and second one for the jobless informants. Both forms contained total of 16 questions. Questions in a form for the employed were aimed to a fear of a losing of the job and questions aimed to the spending of a leisure time. In questionary forms for the jobless were questions aimed to a spending of a leisure time and questions aimed to their tendency to find a job. The experimental set of the employed was formed by the inhabitants of Budweis in South Bohemia. Rate of the returned questionary forms was 98%. The experimental set of the unemployed was formed from the jobless people registered in employment office in Budweis. Rate of the returned questionaries reached 87%. In my work I wanted to refer about problems of the unemployment with regard to human mentall condition. The aim of my work was to evaluate if the unemployment influenced human mentall condition. I predicted three hypotheses. Hypothesis No.1: Groups of person with problematic use on the employment market have a fear of losing the job, was confirmed. Hypothesis No.2: The empleyed people are using their leisure time for their perosnal growth than the people unemployed for more than 6 months, was confirmed. Hypothesis No.3: The people unemployed for a period more than 6 months have a smaller interest to find a job than the people unemployed for the period of 6 months and less, was confirmed also. The thesis treats the unemployment´s influence of a human mentall condition.This work has personally for me an impact of getting a theoretical knowledge about studied topic. The results point-out the fact that the unemployment influence a leisure-time activities. Duration of the unemployment influences an interest to find a job and competence to the risk group of the employed leads to the fear of losing a job and to the fear of searching for a new job. Benefit of my thesis might be useful for the education at the Faculty of Health and Social Studies

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