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Debdatta Ratna: Epoxy Composites: Impact Resistance and Flame Retardancy

Society of Plastics and Rubber Engineers; [email protected]
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201-203predstavljamo vam.indd 28(2007)3polimeri 203 P R E D S T A V L J A M O V A M 2. Juki}, A., Rogo{i}, M., Vidovi}, E., Janovi}, Z.: Terpolymerization kinetics of methyl methacrylate or styrene/dodecyl methacrylate/octadecyl methacrylate systems, Polymer International 56(2007), 112-120. 3. Juki}, A., Rogo{i}, M., Janovi}, Z.: Miscibility and interactions of polysty rene/ polyolefine and polystyrene/poly(n-alkyl methacrylate) mixtures in dilute xylene solutions, European Polymer Journal 42(2006)5, 1105-1112. 4. Brnardi}, I., Ivankovi}, M., Ivankovi}, H., Mencer, H. J.: Isothermal and non- isothermal cure kinetics of an epoxy / poly(oxypropylene)diamine / octade- cylammonium modified montmorillonite system, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 100(2006)3, 1765-1771. 5. Ivankovi}, M., Brnardi}, I., Ivankovi}, H., Mencer, H. J.: DSC Study of the cure kinetics during nanocomposite formation: epoxy / poly(oxypropylene)diamine / organically modified montmorillonite system, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 99(2006)2, 550-557. 6. Macan, J., Brnardi}, I., Orli}, S., Ivankovi}, H., Ivankovi}, M.: Thermal degrada- tion of epoxy-silica organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Polymer Degradation and Stability 91(2006)1, 122-127. 7. Ivankovi}, H., Gallego Ferrer, G., Tkal~ec, E., Ivankovi}, M.: Preparation of highly porous hydroxyapatite ceramics from cuttlefish bone, Advances in Science and Technology 49(2006), 142-147. 8. Tomi}, T., Rogo{i}, M., Matusinovi}, Z., [egudovi}, N.: Dual Detection HPSEC System as an Aid in Copolymer Characterization u New Polymeric Materials, ur. Korugi}-Karasz, Lj., MacKnight, W. J., Martuscelli, E., ACS Symposium Volume 916, Oxford University Press, New York, 2005, 325-338. 9. Macan, J., Brnardi}, I., Ivankovi}, M., Mencer, H. J.: DSC study of cure kinetics of DGEBA-based epoxy resin with poly(oxypropylene) diamine, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 81(2005)2, 369-373. 10. Matusinovi}, Z., Rogo{i}, M.,

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