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Stochastic Modelling of Energy Systems

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  • In This Thesis Dynamic Models Of Typical Components In Danish Heating Systems Are Considered
  • Emphasis Is Made On Describing And Evaluating Mathematical Methods For Identification Of Such Models
  • And On Presentation Of Component Models For Practical Applications
  • The Thesis Consists Of Seven Research Papers (Case Studies) Together With A Summary Report
  • Each Case Study Takes It'S Starting Point In Typical Heating System Components And Both
  • The Applied Mathematical Modelling Methods And The Application Aspects
  • Are Considered
  • The Summary Report Gives An Introduction To The Scope Of Application And The Applied Modelling Metho
  • The Foundation Of The Identification Process Is The Grey Box Modelling Method
  • The Grey Box Modelling Method Is Characterized By Using Information From Measurements In Conjunction
  • The Combination Of Statistical Methods And Physical Interpretation Is Exploited In The Modelling Pro
  • From The Design Of Experiments To Parameter Estimation And Model Validation
  • The Presented Models Are Mainly Formulated As State Space Models In Continuous Time With Discrete Ti
  • The State Equations Are Expressed In Terms Of Stochastic Differential Equations
  • From A Theoretical Viewpoint The Techniques For Experimental Design
  • Parameter Estimation And Model Validation Are Considered
  • From The Practical Viewpoint Emphasis Is Put On How This Methods Can Be Used To Construct Models Ade
  • Significant Parts Of The Research Work Have Been Done In Cooperation With Leading Companies From The
  • The Presented Models Have Been Developed For The Purpose Of Analyzing Typical Heating System Install
  • The Focal Point Of The Developed Models Is That The Model Structure Has To Be Adequate For Practical
  • Such As System Simulation
  • Fault Detection And Diagnosis
  • And Design Of Control Strategies
  • This Also Reflects On The Methods Used For Identification Of The Component Models
  • The Main Result From This Research Is The Identification Of Component Models
  • Such As E
  • G
  • Heat Exchanger And Valve Models
  • Adequate For System Simulations
  • Furthermore
  • The Thesis Demonstrates And Discusses The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Statistical Methods


Stochastic Modelling of Energy Systems - DTU Orbit (24/05/14) Stochastic Modelling of Energy Systems - DTU Orbit (24/05/14) Andersen, Klaus Kaae and Henrik Madsen Stochastic Modelling of Energy Systems 2001. (IMM-PHD-2001-79).

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