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Distribution of liquid supplement injected into large bales of roughage and comparison of nitrogen supplements for stocker cattle fed low-quality roughages

Animal Feed Science and Technology
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DOI: 10.1016/0377-8401(89)90017-5
  • Biology


Abstract A 32% crude protein urea-molasses liquid supplement was injected either in corn stover stacks or in large round bales of hay by several schemes. The distribution and movement of the liquid supplement in the stacks or bales were monitored over time. Distribution of the liquid supplement was poor. Some vertical movement of the supplement in the stacks was observed, but not systematically. Subsequently, feeding trials were conducted during the winter with stocker cattle. In two trials, corn stover stacks were fed with (1) no supplement, or (2) liquid supplement injected in the stacks, or (3) liquid supplement self-fed in a lick tank. Each treatment group consisted of 10 steers. The injected stacks tended to support lower steer performance than the liquid supplement fed in a lick tank with the corn stover stacks. In another trial, 60 stocker cattle were wintered for 117 days on large round bales of fescue hay with one of five supplements: (1) none; (2) liquid supplement injected in the bales; (3) liquid supplement self-fed in lick tank; (4) a mixture (4:1) of deep-stacked broiler litter and corn; (5) soya-bean meal (454 g day −1). The overall daily gains and feed efficiency were highest for the groups receiving the liquid supplement self-fed, litter corn or soya-bean meal. The feed cost per unit of gain was lowest for the deep-stacked broiler litter-supplemented group. No treatment differences were observed for blood urea-N levels at 117 days. At the end of the feeding trial, the cattle were allowed to graze a mixed grass-clover pasture for 164 days, after which the weights of the animals were similar across all five treatments.

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