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Load control in atm networks

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Load control in atm networks - Switching Symposium, 1990. XIII International LOAD CONTROL IN ATM NElWORKS ABSTRACT This paper conskiers preventive load control in ATM net- works. A one link performance evaluation based on onloff trafic sources is carried out. Approximative modek are derive4 and a specific admksion control algorithm based on one of the modeh is presented and the obtained transfer eficiency is derived. A Flow Enforcement function to supervise each connection is sug- gested and the correspondence between modelling parameters, flow enforcement parameters and parameters used by the admis- sion control algorithm is considered 1. INTRODUCTION In a future B-ISDN based on the Asynchronous Bansfer Mode ( A m , a large variety of services with different charac- teristics, such as bandwidth demand, burstiness and quality of service (QOS) requirements will be integrated. This implies that new challenges will face the network designers. This contribution will address the problems related to load control in ATM net- works and approximative models conceming performance will be elaborated in detail. S. B. Jacobsen, K. Moth, L. Dittmann K. Sallberg U M T E L , S-223 70 Lund, Sweden Technical University of Denmark ATM is considered as a packet-oriented switching and mul- tiplexing technique, which potentially offers full bandwidth flex- ibility at a high transmission rate and a higher transfer efficiency than a Synchronous "tansfer Mode (STM) through statistical multiplexing. The gain in bandwidth utilisation and - more im- portant - achieved bandwidth flexibility will cost in a more complicated Load Control mechanism. may be partitioned into two categories: reactive load control by the use of backwards signal- ling during connection phase to reduce or even termi- nate individual connections during intervals of high load on the actual part of the network. As explained in [ 11 the use of reactive load control in high speed ATM n

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