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Lost Retransmission Detection for TCP Part 2: TCP Using SACK Option

IFIP Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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The performance of transmission control protocol (TCP) is largely dependent upon its loss recovery. Therefore, whether packet losses may be recovered without a retransmission timeout (RTO) or not is a very important issue. Although TCP using selective acknowledgement (SACK) option can recover multiple packet losses in a window, it cannot avoid RTO if a retransmitted packet is lost again. In order to cope with this problem, we propose a simple change to TCP SACK, which is called TCP SACK+ in simple. We use a stochastic model to evaluate the performance of TCP SACK+, and analyze its performance comparatively in terms of loss recovery probability. Numerical results evaluated by simulations show that TCP SACK+ can improve the loss recovery performance of TCP SACK significantly in presence of random losses.Full Text at Springer, may require registration or fee

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