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In vitro inhibition of camel hepatic glutathione transferases by selected organic azides

Egyptian British Biological Society (EBB Soc)
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  • Propyl Azide
  • Butyl Azide
  • Heptyl Azide
  • Gst
  • Cdnb
  • Kinetics
  • Biology


Glutathione S-transferases (GST) are a group of multifunctional enzymes, widely distributed in both animal and plant kingdom. The present study was carried out to investigate the inhibitory potential of three structurally related organic azides (n-propyl azide, n-butyl azide, and heptyl azide) on camel hepatic GST activity in vitro. The mean inhibition constants (Ki) were estimated to be 0.419 ± 0.068, 0.501 ± 0.068, and 0.563 ± 0.036 mM for n-propyl azide, n-butyl azide, and heptyl azide respectively, using Lineweaver-Burk plots. These results indicated that hepatic GST was sensitive to the organic azides used.

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