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  • Velebit
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Beside the exploration of the primitive architecture in stone, linked with the research project of the author of this paper which took her as an architect-archeologist to the wide spaces of mountain Velebit, she was taking notes also of various impressions and experiences which had not much to do with the project itself. But, in those usually difficult and sometimes unrepeatable researches it is well done if everything which one may stumble upon is collected. Specially if beside the main task it all can be surmounted, even if criticized as odds and ends or a divergence from a profession. The critics wondered where to classify such articles which, by their contents, are neither scientific nor professional, but even so they describe life conditions in the mountain to which in the past only some rare professionals, mainly enthusiasts, dedicated their research works. So, we can find in this article some sketches and stories which can evoke to some readers the centuries-old homeland of the Illyrians, some other will lead them into a shepherd's housing or will describe shepherdess face wrinkled by the wind, who was thrown into that rough mountain's life because of her inborn body defect. So, perhaps, even these supplements written during a still evening or on the seething stone in a glade may help someone in conceiving a disappeared life in the mountain. That's why they were published.

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