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Pamětní kniha městečka Brtnice z 18. století

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  • Brtnice
  • Collalto
  • David Lipart
  • František Nepomuk Heppill
  • Gottfrid Jiřík Vollgart
  • Jan Štěpán Kosárek
  • Karel František Tepper
  • Městské Knihy
  • Pamětní Kniha
  • Patrimoniální Správa
  • Pauláni
  • Poddanská Samospráva
  • Valdštejn
  • Memory Book
  • Brtnice
  • Wallenstein
  • Collalto
  • Municipal Administration
  • History


The main purpose of this diploma thesis is a critical edition of the manuscript of Book of Varied Antique Sights Trhova Brtnice 1728-1768. It is a commemorative book that was created in 18th century in the environment of a dependant town. The edition is conceived in the way that enables preservation of all formal signs of a modern text. The next part of the thesis briefly summarises the historical development of the town of Brtnice. The emphasis is placed on 17th and 18th century, especially on the function of the patrimonial control and the dependant self-control. The nub of the additional text is an analysis of the resource from the point of view of outer and inner signs; furthermore, its interpretation and possible usage in the historical research.

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