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Ekonomická hodnota Národního parku Šumava

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Ekonomická Hodnota
  • Oceňování
  • Turismus
  • Šumava
  • Národní Park
  • Přírodní Zdroje
  • životní Prostřední
  • Dotazník
  • Kontingenční Tabulka
  • Návštěvnost
  • Economic Value
  • Valuation
  • Tourism
  • Šumava
  • National Park
  • Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Questionnaire
  • Pivot Table
  • Attendance
  • Economics


The Bachelor thesis is aimed on the economic value of the National Park Šumava. The theoretical part contains characteristic of the concept of economic value, its structure and method by which this value can be examined. The thesis includes the specification of this therritory and some informantion about tourism in this area. In the analytical part was defined economic value of the National Park Šumava in the form of direct and indirect. Both values were based on a questionnaire survey, which took place in the National Park Šumava by direct questioning of tourists. The questionnaire included socio-economic and demographic questions, several questions concerning the attendance of the National Park and questions for the determination of economic value. The results of the quesionnaire were analyzed by statistical calculations. Direct economic value was based on the people´s willingness to pay for entrance to the National Park Šumava and on their specific financial valuation of the entrance. The observed value was in average 73,61 CZK. Indirect value was determined by specific expenses tourists to stay in the NP Šumava in CZK per person. Also were surveyed dependens of qualitative characteristic. It was found that the choice transport mode depends on the residence of tourists and the intensity of tourists visiting of the National Park depends on the age of tourists.

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