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Developing a Libyan information privacy framework

Queensland University of Technology
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  • Privacy
  • Data Protection Law
  • Privacy Principles
  • Information Privacy Framework
  • Libyan Data Protection Authority
  • Libyan Privacy Law
  • Fair Information Principles
  • Self Regulation
  • Personal Data
  • Economics
  • Law


This thesis considers how an information privacy system can and should develop in Libya. Currently, no information privacy system exists in Libya to protect individuals when their data is processed. This research reviews the main features of privacy law in several key jurisdictions in light of Libya's social, cultural, and economic context. The thesis identifies the basic principles that a Libyan privacy law must consider, including issues of scope, exceptions, principles, remedies, penalties, and the establishment of a legitimate data protection authority. This thesis concludes that Libya should adopt a strong information privacy law framework and highlights some of the considerations that will be relevant for the Libyan legislature.

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