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Festival of Music and Art of This Century - May 20 - 27, 1962

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  • Festival Of Music And Art
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WIND DRUM The music of WIND DRUM is composed on a six-tone scale. In South India, this scale is called "hamsanandi," in North India, "marava." In North India, this scale would be played before sunset. The notes are C, D flat, E, F sharp, A, and B. PREFACE The mountain island of Hawaii becomes a symbol of an island universe in an endless ocean of nothingness, of space, of sleep. This is the night of Brahma. Time swings back and forth, time, the giant pendulum of the universe. As time swings forward all things waken out of endless slumber, all things grow, dance, and sing. Motion brings storm, whirlwind, tornado, devastation, destruction, and annihilation. All things fall into death. But with total despair comes sudden surprise. The super- natural commands with infinite majesty. All storms, all motions cease. Only the celestial sounds of the Azura Heavens are heard. Time swings back, death becomes life, resurrection. All things are reborn, grow, dance, and sing. But the spirit of ocean slumber approaches and all things fall back again into sleep and emptiness, the state of endless nothingness symbolized by ocean. The night of Brahma returns. LIBRETTO I Stone, water, singing grass, Singing tree, singing mountain, Praise ever-compassionate One. II Island of mist, Awake from ocean Of endless slumber. III Snow mountain, Dance on green hills. IV Three hills, Dance on forest, Winds, sway branches Of singing trees. V Moan, wind drum Crash, thunder drum, Howl, death drum, Roar, black-haired mountain storm. VI Time, turn back! Whirlwind of whirling star oceans Unwhirl! VI Flute of Azura, Fill heaven with celestial sound! Death, become life! VII Sun, melt, dissolve Black-haired mountain storm, Life drum sing, Stone drum ring! VIII Trees singing of branches Sway winds, Forest dance on hills, Hills, green, dance on Mountain snow. IX Approach, 0 spirit Of ancient ocean, Fall into endless Ocean slumber, o mist island. X One, compassionate-ever, praise, Mountain singing, tree sin

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