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Modeling the forward look sonar.

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A numerical model that simulates the operation of a Forward Look Scan Sonar (FLSS) has been developed in this thesis. The model discretizes the sonar-projected signal by a set of rays using a geometrical approach. Bending of the rays due to varying acoustic wave speed is neglected. Simulated raw sonar data are generated, and used as input in the sonar processing algorithms to generate sonar images. Using the model, the influence of, the most critical characteristics of the sonar, including phase variations among the channels, non-homogeneous channel amplitude, and the number of bad channels, on the quality of the sonar image is determined. The results of the model are compared to real data from a low frequency FLS sonar (250 KHz) and a high frequency FLS sonar (600 KHz). There is good matching between the simulation and the operation of the two sonars and the performance was markedly enhanced by using the modeling results.

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