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Design of Social Network Learning Model

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  • L Education (General)
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Social network learning model is one of the learning model that aims to facilitate students' independent using web-based learning. Learning through group designed to give the link online materials, online assignments and tests online. Besides it also could open learning students by clicking on the E-learning menu. To view the status of the task set by the teacher, students can also view the status of their profile, by clicking the Profile menu. Chat menu is also provided for the students to ask the questions directly to the teacher if there is a problem with the lesson, or if the teacher is not online students can post questions in the message menu is available in the menu. The teacher as a facilitator in this case, which motivates students verbally and non-verbally (using social networking media learning). The work of students in the form of training, evaluation or questions and responses will be stored in the program are made, thus facilitate teachers to recapitulate the (correct) the student's work. In this paper will clarify how the steps in the design of social networking models MAN 3 Palembang.

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