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Serološka dijagnostika cisticerkoze svinja uzrokovane vrstom Taenia solium testom neizravne hemaglutinacije.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb
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  • Taenia Solium
  • Cisticerkoza
  • Svinje
  • Neizravna Hemaglutinacija
  • Antigeni
  • Taenia Solium
  • Cysticercosis
  • Pigs
  • Indirect Haemagglutination Test
  • Antigens
  • Medicine


The indirect haemagglutination test (IHAT) was evaluated for the detection of circulating antibodies in serum samples obtained from pigs naturally infected with Taenia solium cysticercosis. A sensitivity of 85.71 per cent and 80.95 per cent, respectively, was found with the whole cyst antigen, and antigen B and 19.75 and 15.43 per cent of pigs which were not detected during meat inspection but which were probably lightly infected or previously exposed to the disease, were also detected by this test with the two antigens viz., WCA and Ag-B, respectively.

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