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Applying recognition of emotions in speech to extend the impact of brand slogan research

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  • Hb Economic Theory
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How brand slogans can influence and change the consumers’ perception of image of products has been a topic of great interest to marketers. However, it is a non-trivial task to evaluate how brand slogans affect their customers’ emotions and how the emotions influence the customers’ perceptions of brand images. In this paper we demonstrate the Slogan Validator to evaluate brand slogans by analyzing the speech signals from customers’ voiced slogans. It is arguably the first speech signal based analysis of brand slogans. Our intention was to evaluate whether the signal-based emotion recognition technique can complement the traditional research methodologies, such as survey research method dealing with selfreported measurements, phenomenological research based on physiological measures, and semi-structured interviews, in order to increase the overall effectiveness of advertising copy strategy. The preliminary results of the experiment show that the Slogan Validator yields high consistency with the participants’ actual perceptions of the brand slogans chosen for this research.

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