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Kinetics and modeling of anaerobic digestion process

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  • Anaerobic Digestion Modeling Started In The Early 1970S When The Need For Design And Efficient Opera
  • At That Time Not Only Was The Knowledge About The Complex Process Of Anaerobic Digestion Inadequate
  • Thus
  • The First Models Were Very Simple And Consisted Of A Limited Number Of Equations
  • During The Past Thirty Years Much Research Has Been Conducted On The Peculiarities Of The Process An
  • The Combination Of Both Parameters Resulted In The Development Of More And More Concise And Complex
  • In This Chapter The Most Important Models Found In The Literature Are Described Starting From The Si
  • Chemistry


Kinetics and modeling of anaerobic digestion process - DTU Orbit (21/04/14) Gavala, HN, Angelidaki, I & Ahring, BK 2003, 'Kinetics and modeling of anaerobic digestion process'. in BK Ahring (ed.), Biomethanation I. Springer, Berlin, pp. 57-93. Advances in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, vol. 81, , 10.1007/3-540-45839-5_3

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