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High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of galanthamine, a long-acting anticholinesterase drug, in serum, urine, and bile

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PII: S0378-4347(00)84380-7 345 Journal of Chromatography, 275 (1983) 345-353 Biomedical Applications Elrevler Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam -Printed in The Netherlands CHROMBIO. 1676 HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHIC DETERMINATION OF GALANTHAMINE, A LONG-ACTING ANTICHOLINESTERASE DRUG, IN SERUM, URINE AND BILE H.A. CLAESSENS* Eindhoven University of Technology, Laboratory of Instrumental Anabsis, P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven (The Netherlands) M. VAN THIEL Eindhoven Diaconessenhuis, Department of ClinicalPharmacy, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) P. WESTRA Groningen State University, Institute of Anaesthesioiogy, Groningen (The Netherlands) and A.M. SOETERBOEK Eindhoven Diaconessenhuis, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) (First received December 12th, 1982; revised manuscript received February 9th, 1983) SUMMARY The anticholinesterase drug galanthamine is obtained from alkalinized serum by repeated liquid--liquid extraction. The resulting extract is approximately 100 times concentrated with respect to the original sample. Quantitative determination of galanthamine is performed with normal-phase liquid chromatography using a mixture of dichloromethane-n-hexane and ethanolamine as an eluent. Phenacetin is used as internal standard. The absorption of the column effluent is monitored at 235 nm. No endogenous sources of interference have been observed. A galanthamine serum level of 5 ng/ml is found as the minimum detectable concentration; the coefficient of variation at this level is 37.8% (n = 4). For the assay of galanthamine in the concentration range 10-100 ng/ml, standard deviations vary between 18.9 and 2.5% (n = 32). INTRODUCTION The alkaloid galanthamine hydrobromide is a tertiary amine belonging to 0378-4347/83/$03.00 Q 1983 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. 346 OCH3 Fig. 1. Structural formula of galanthamine. the phenanthrene group (see Fig. 1). Since the compound is an antich

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