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Introduction to Crustacean Fisheries of India

CMFRI; Kochi
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19 Taxonomy and Identication of Commercially Important Crustaceans of India Chapter I Introduction to Crustacean Fisheries of India G. Maheswarudu India is blessed with long coastline of about 8118 km along the West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry along the east coast; along Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala along the west coast. India has 2.02 million exclusive economic zone area and 0.53 million contitnental shelf area, a potential source for marine fisheries. The rich continental shelf area, is a good habitat for demersal fishes as well as crustaceans such as penaeid prawns , non-penaeid prawns, crabs, lobsters and stomatopods. Mechanised trawler is the main gear operated in the continental shelf area targeting crustacean resources. Though trawl net is operated for penaeid prawn, non penaeid prawns, crabs and stomatopods form by catch as all these resources habituate in the same fishing ground. Crustacean resources Crustacean resources comprise penaeid prawns, non-penaeid prawns, crabs, lobsters and stomatopods. Total landings of crustacean resources, group wise and contribution of crustacean resources to total marine fish landings during 1996-2011 are shown in table, 1. Total annual marine fish landings of India ranged from 2.29 to 3.82 million t with mean at 2.76 million t. Annual total crustacean resources ranged from 3.62 lakh t to 5.32 lakh t with mean at 4.36 lakh t, and its contribution to total marine fish landings ranged from 13.9 % to 18.9 % with mean at 15.9 %. The landings of penaeid prawns ranged from 1.71 lakh t to 2.67 lakh t with mean at 2.06 lakh t. Landings of non-penaeids ranged from 1.04 lakh t to 1.70 lakh t with mean at 1.48 lakh t. The catch for lobsters ranged from 1,201 t to 2,787 t with mean at 1921 t. Crab landings ranged from 27,538 t to 55,695 t with mean at 41,731 t. Stomatopod catches varied from 21,187 t to 72,342 t with mean at 42,294 t. O

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