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Our Experience in the Management of Congenital Chest Wall Deformities

Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research; [email protected]
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  • Deformiteti Stijenke Prsnog Koša - Patologija
  • Deformiteti Stijenke Prsnog Koša - Kirurgija
  • Deformiteti Stijenke Prsnog Koša - Terapija
  • Kirurški Zahvati Operacijski - Metode
  • Funnel Chest - Pathology
  • Funnel Chest - Surgery
  • Funnel Chest - Therapy
  • Surgical Procedures Operative - Methods
  • Medicine


Chest wall deformities are relatively rare diseases of unknown etiology, which occur in childhood and adolescence. Pectus deformities show familial occurrence with very rare spontaneous resolution. Operative treatment is one of the possible therapeutic options for deformity correction by classic operative procedure or by minimally invasive method of treatment (endoscopic). There is no consensus among surgeons about the age at which correction of the chest wall deformity should best be performed because therapeutic results are very good irrespective of the method of treatment employed. Therapeutic results in 105 patients operated on by the classic method during the 1985-2005 period at University Department of Thoracic Surgery, Jordanovac University Hospital for Lung Diseases in Zagreb, Croatia, are reported.

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