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Činnost orgánů krizového řízení města Týn nad Vltavou při řešení krizové situace {--} havárie cisterny přepravující naftu na mostě přes řeku Vltavu

Publication Date
  • Cisterna
  • Integrovaný Záchranný Systém
  • Kemlerův Kód
  • Krizová Situace
  • Krizový štáb
  • Mimořádná Událost
  • Nebezpečné Látky
  • Stupně Poplachu
  • A Tanker Diesel
  • Integrated Emergency System
  • Kemler´S Code
  • A Crisis Situation
  • Crisis Staff
  • A Special Event
  • Dangerous Substances
  • Alarm Stages


In the introduction of this graduation theses are described laws which regulate a function Of particular components of an integrated emergency system and crisis staff. We will learn what special events, their reasons, emergence and consecutive solutions of their abolition we know. There are described dangerous substances which can endanger human and environment. We will find out that we are often in danger during carriage of harmful substances along the road, so there is a simulated accident of lorries and a larger amount of oil substances get off them into the river Vltava. The whole theses is aimed at cooperation and coordination of crisis staff of the town Týn nad Vltavou with components of an integrated emergency system. Generally emergency and liquidating work by reason of abolition special events is mentioned.

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