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Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
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  • Teknik Elektronika
  • Computer Science


Final project is intended to get a device simulator in the form of calculating the number of doses of sap, this device is controlled by a microcontroller ATMega 16 which is shown on the LCD viewer display. This device is intended to assist in the process of dihasikan pengitungan number of sap in the sugar manufacturing process. Design of simulator calculating the number of doses of sap that is the power supply unit with a different regulator, the unit tampilanhasil Sebuat calculations using the LCD, 2 pieces as a selector push button to view the data on calculations, and 2 others to next and back, a red indicator LED as a signal device started work, a DC motor used to drive the sap-dose containers. Motor drivers and relay units utilizing the transistor functions as an electronic switch. All instruments are processed using the system microcontroller atmega16 minimum. As the controlling software program on the microcontroller atmega16 using C language and compiler software as its CodeVisionAVR .. Manufacturing process begins with assembling the hardware devices ranging from power supply unit with a voltage supply to the system microcontroller atmega16 minimum of 5 volts, the supply voltage of 12 volts to sriver DC motor and relay unit. Input data for the minimum system microcontroller is 2 pieces of sensors and 4 for the push button and the output data, such as LCD, DC motors, as well as two-color LED. This prototype works with is controlled by mikrocontroller ATMega 16 with control system which is made using the C programming language hardware that supports consist of a series of Power Supply, input in the form of two water level sensors and four push-buttons, namely data processors ATMega a microcontroller 16, the output of LCD which displays information on the number of doses of sap and the output dc motors that move the measure sap. software as the control system consists of commands to call and display the file number, and move the dc motor. The performance of "Prototype simulator calculating the number of doses of juice", as a whole is in conformity with the specified function, which is running the container measure, compute and accumulate the data and displays it to the viewer of the LCD display.

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