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Leiomyosarcoma of the duodenum

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Reprint from SURGERY, Gynecology @ Obstetrics International Abstracts of Surgery April, 1960, Vol. 110, 313-322 LEIOMYOSARCOMA OF THE DUODENUM T. E. STARZL, M.D., Ph.D., Chicago, Illinois, VICTOR M. BERNHARD, M.D., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and GEORGE C. HENEGAR, M.D., Chicago, Illinois LEIOMYOSARQOMA OF THE DUODENUM was first reported by von Salis in 1920. Since that time 60 cases have been noted in the world literature. The last comprehensive study was presented by Weinstein and Roberts in 1953. Their collective review of 28 cases suggested a poor prognosis, particularly with respect to the operative mor- tality which was 50 per cent. Since 1953 the rate of reporting leiomyosar- coma in this location has accelerated, and 29 additional cases have been documented. Infor- mation has accrued which suggests the need for reappraisal of the subject. I t is clear, for exam- ple, that this lesion is not as rare as it was form- erly thought to be. The risk of surgical therapy can no longer be viewed as excessive since there has been no operative mortality in the cases recorded since 1953. Data have accumulated on the prognosis after surgical therapy. Finally, studies correlating the pathologic anatomy and the roentgenographic appearance of the tumor have frequently made it possible to arrive at a correct diagnosis of this malignant lesion pre- operatively. In the present study, all previously reported leiomyosarcomas of the duodenum have been reviewed, bringing the total to 61 (Table 1). From the Departments of Surgery, Northwestern Cniversity Medical School and the Veterans Administration Research Hospital, chicago, Illinois. Trends in the diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis have been analyzed in order to arrive at a clearer understanding of the surgical manage- ment of these tumors. INCIDENCE Of the 46 cases in which sex was mentioned, 25 were female and 21 male. Age distribution ranged from 21 to 80 years. Peak incidence oc- curred in the

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