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Change in knowledge in a coronary heart disease risk factor intervention study in three communities

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We investigated health and diet knowledge as it relates to coronary heart disease (CHD) in three rural areas which participated in a community-oriented CHD risk factor intervention study. Knowledge of risk factors (risk knowledge) was fairly satisfactory at baseline, but diet knowledge was poor. Males, the young, and individuals with a lower level of education had less knowledge. Intervention consisted of a 3-year small mass media programme in one community (low-intensity intervention, LII), additional interpersonal intervention to high-risk individuals in the second (high-intensity intervention, HII), and no intervention in the control community (C). In the cohorts, with the baseline survey and the follow-up study 4 years apart, knowledge improved by 8.1% points in males (7.5% in females) in the HII community and by 7.1% (6.5%) in the LII community, compared to 5.5% (4.8%) in the C community (P

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