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Mesmerist and country couple /

United States : Edison Manufacturing Co
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  • Hypnotism--Drama.
  • Mesmerism--Drama.
  • Mesmerists--United States--Drama.
  • Farmers--United States--Drama.
  • Rural Population--United States--Drama.


From Edison films catalog: Mr. and Mrs. Hayseed have heard of this wonderful Professor, and come to his office. They waken him from a trance, give him a fee and he hypnotizes them. The stunts they do while under his influence would make the Sphinx laugh for joy. Hayseed stands on his head, balances himself on a chair and takes off his clothes. Mrs. Hayseed also begins to disrobe, but she goes behind a screen. Her bare arm appears over the top, and she drops her clothes on the floor. It is a hair raising moment to guess what she's going to do next. The mystical appearances and lightning changes are managed with wonderful cleverness. 100 feet. $15.00.

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