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A type stars - physical parameters from UVBY and H-beta photometry

Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series
EDP Sciences
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  • Estels
  • Fotometria Astronòmica
  • Photometry
  • Luminosities Of Stars
  • Temperature Of Stars
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uvby H-beta photometry has been obtained for a sample of 93 selected main sequence A stars. The purpose was to determine accurate effective temperatures, surface gravities, and absolute magnitudes for an individual determination of ages and parallaxes, which have to be included in a more extensive work analyzing the kinematic properties of A V stars. Several calibrations and methods to determine the above mentioned parameters have been reviewed, allowing the design of a new algorithm for their determination. The results obtained using this procedure were tested in a previous paper using uvby H-beta data from the Hauck and Mermilliod catalogue, and comparing the rusulting temperatures, surface gravities and absolute magnitudes with empirical determinations of these parameters.

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