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Effects Of Temperature On Survival And Growth Of Artemia From Tuz Lake, Turkey

Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH
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  • Artemia
  • Growth
  • Survival
  • Temperature Effects
  • Thermal Constant
  • Fish Culture--Israel--Periodicals.
  • Fish Culture--Periodicals.
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  • Aquaculture--Periodicals.


The thermal constant, growth and survival of Artemia from Tuz Lake, Central Anatolia, were evaluated under laboratory conditions. Artemia nauplii (24-48 hours after hatching) were stocked into a 60 ppt salinity medium which contained Dunaliella and Oocystis. The Artemia were cul- tured at one of eight temperatures (2-degree intervals from 18° to 32°C) for 30 days, in two repli- cates. The animals grew faster but survival was lower as the temperature increased. Complete development from the nauplius stage to the adult stage required 30 days at 18°C, 20 days at 24°C and 15 days at 30°C. The thermal constant was 356±6 day-degrees and the developmen- tal zero value was 6.3±1.9°C.

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