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The EUT maintenance model

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PII: 0925-5273(92)90132-Q International JournaI of Production Economics, 24 ( 1992 ) 209-2 I6 Elsevier 209 The EUT maintenance model W.M.J. Geraerds Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Abstract Since the end of the sixties attention has been paid to the fundamentals of maintenance and to maintenance management in courses and in research at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science of the Eindhoven Uni- versity of Technology. The descriptive model, which is generally valid, was developed in order to illustrate the interrela- tions of partial and dispersed knowledge. Its usefulness is not limited to academic activities; it also serves as a tool to assess possibilities to improve maintenance in an enterprise. The structure of the model is explained in this article. 1. Introduction In the late sixties maintenance was introduced as an elective in the MSc curriculum in Indus- trial Engineering at the Faculty of Industrial En- gineering and Management Science at EUT (Eindhoven University of Technology). Stu- dents can choose an elective course with the spe- cific intention to concentrate their final MSc re- search project on that area. Over a hundred by now made use of that option, carried out through research in practice, not behind the desk. Re- search started at the beginning was explorative by nature. It appeared impossible to evaluate the abundance of publications as for the relevance of their specific contributions to maintenance sci- ence. The advocating of the - hardly turning up in practice - bathtub curve was not followed by the consequential conclusions how to act differ- ently. The endless stream of statements that pre- ventive maintenance “is good for you” did not specify how to determine what preventive main- tenance was to be carried out. The majority of publications on the economic aspect suggested that maintenance costs were too high anyway, and that all that was needed was to realize ma

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