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Ordenació turística a Baia di Sistiana : Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme
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The project for the tourist complex of Sistiana Bayon the northern Adriatic coast , between Trieste and the Croatian border, develops a territory of 60 hectares consisting of two consecutive bays. The first of these is natural, and now accommodates a small sports harbour; the second is artifi- cial, an enormous abandoned quarry which forms an impo- sing amphitheatre with walls of up to eighty metres in height. After a long pro cess of revision of the initial plan, a normal dynamic in a project as complex and committed as this one , the proposed structures were considerably re- duced in order to enhance the natural conditions of the site. ln the bay, the intervention was concentrated on the wes- tern arc next to the former Grand Hotel , in the form of a light building only t wo storeys high immersed completely in the surrounding greenery. The rest remains undisturbed, with the hill descending unobstructed to the sea. Only a semi-subterranean construction , which accommodates a small shopping centre, two restaurants, a car park and the nautical club services, delimits the eastern side of the cove (Castelreggiol, where the sports harbour stands. ln the quarry, the hotel complex adopts the form of ter- races anchored in the rock, fragmented volumes that merge with the natural wall of the great amphitheatre , at the back of which the sea penetrates the interior at present oc- cupied by a large rocky platform. On the basis of a study of the Venice lagoon and of the report on the former salt pans of Trie ste, a series of small lagoons wa s conceived here, contained by dykes on decreasing levels , in which the tides rise and fall. Th e bottom level collects during the day the fresh water from a spring at the foot of the cliff, which then Flows to the sea cleaning the beach of the de bris brought by the tide. This Flo w will pro vide the degree of salinity ideal for a garden of la- go on Flora , covered during the winter months by a giant awning, resemblin

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