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Europe needs a switch of resources. Summary of a speech [on budget policy] by Ivor Richard, Commissioner of the European Communities, to the European Atlantic Group. London, 11 May 1981

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untitled European Communities Commission Press Release ISEC/13/81 20 Kensington Palace Gardens London W8 4QJL Telephone: 01-7 27 8090 May 11. 1981 EUROPE NEEDS A SWITCH OF RESOURCES, SAYS MR RICHARD The European Commission must make proposals for allocating Community resources in a way better fitted to combat the economic and social problems facing the people of Europe, Commissioner Ivor Richard said in London today. Speaking at a meeting of the European Atlantic Group, Mr Richard saij that an agricultural policy, plus a common market, was not enough for Europe in the '80s. "This is why the Budget restructuring exercise is so important: we in the ·commission must produce a proposal which will clearly attempt to allocate the resources of the Community in a way best fitted to combat the economic and social problems facing the people of Europe. If we fail to do this, then I believe the strain within the Community cou.ld become intolerable. But if the real problems now facing Europe are industrial and urban, the question arises how we can as a Community of Ten hope to resolve them. "The Community's resources have to be reorganised. Our aim should be to ensure that more Community money goes into Social, Industrial and Regional budgets, which can and do contribute to mitigating the present difficulties facing Europe. Agriculture is now not a problem. Not onlY does Europe feed itself; we do it in such a way as to produce far more food than we can possibly consume, and buy it at prices which encourage that over-production. " At the moment, said Mr Richard, expenditure on social policies was confused. 11 It arises from different treaty provisions, which produce absurdities such as the fact that the Community can help in the case of redundant miners but not for redundant textile or shipyard workers. UnfortunatelY the Council of Ministers has not yet shown any enthusiasm at all for extending these powers to other areas. It is really quite disgraceful that,

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