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Letter from Luca Cavalli-Sforza to Joshua Lederberg

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JOHN INNES HORTICULTURAL INSTITUTION MOSTYN ROAD, MERTON PARK, LONDON, S.W.19 Telephone LlBarty 3645 20/9/e Dear Dr.Lederberg, I am since some time int$recz; in bncterinl genetics, and . * wps planning to work in the research line you*openti rJith your studies of recombination ; recently I had the good laok of being offered by Prof. R.A. Fisher to&Tthis kind of work in his Department at Cambridge. I hope,therefore,to be able to begin mork,ss soon es a laboratory will be ready. In the meanwhile I would like to ask you some informations. I should very &uah like to remain in touch with you,as possibsle by mail,during this kind of work; and a.lso with other people working on the same subject. I saw the recent paper by Stone and vmorkers,and heard of Dr.Szilard of Chicago. I have not exact plans at the$moment, but I think that anyhomx, jet could save me long tine if I could have your strains of coli R 12 and the multiple mutants you used p- ,and your method of storing them. Prof. Fisher is interested especially in the study of multiple crossing-qver, and h&es that E.coli will prove a good -material. ~h7L~pwzcrzc JCL-A 4 ---4 H aving no direct experienicerfi have no idea whether the technical difficulties will prove themselrss toqbe too high. At any case I should be very grateful if I could have your reprints and 1 remain in contact with you about my fbture experimental results. . At the moment I am working with-Dr.kTather with a tiesearch Fellowship. I am enclosing two ebglish shart pa:ers of mine. Hoping to hear from you sobn, j .-..F+ _-__- YourJ~inserely - Dr. Luigi Cavalli Dept. of Genetics Whit Mngehame Lodge 44 Storeyts way Cambridge.

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