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Letter from Steven P. Johnson, New York Botanical Garden Library to Joshua Lederberg

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Dr. Joshua Lederberg Rockefeller University New York, NY 10021 Dear Dr. Lederberg: In response to your note to Dr. Hester of 6 October, in which you asked the dates on which B. 0. Dodge supplied Neurospora cultures to G. W. Beadle and E. L. Tatum, I retrieved the following information from Dodge's correspondence with Beadle in the Bernard Ogilvie Dodge Papers: On 27 February 1941 Beadle wrote Dodge about his plans to experiment with Neurospora cultures supplied by C. C. Lindegren. Beadle also asked if Dodge could supply cultures of "wild1 Neurospora. On 51 March 1941 Dodge replied that he could supply Neurospora cultures collected from breadboxes in the Bronx but that he could not supply any other recently collected l'wild" tgpes. Dodge suggested that the Agricultural Experiment Stations in Puerto Rico or Baton Rouge could supply cultures collected from sugar cane fields, as could Dr. Stephen Brunner of Santiago de 10s Vegas, CUb. Dodge further suggested bakeries or kitchen breadboxes as a source of Neurospora sitophila.. On 13 March 1941 Beadle wrote Dodge that he had obtained cultures of Neurospora crass, Neurospora sitophila, and Neurospora tetresperma, "many of which originally came from you”, from C. C. Lindegren and from W. S. Malloch. Beadle than asked that Dodge send additional cultures. On 19 March 1941 Dodge wrote that "in a day or two" he would send Beadle a wild sample of Neurospora recently collected in Bermuda. The Dodge Papers contain no additional correspondence with Beadle until August 11, 1941 when Beadle again requests cultures from Dodge. On 15 August Dodge replied that he would send ascospores of Neurospora crassa if he would find some. He also suggested that Beadle should contact Dr. C. W: Edger-ton at the Agriculharal Experiment Station in Baton Rouge for cultures for Neurospora., In his reply of 24 August 1941 Beadle noted that he would write Edger-ton for cultures of wild Neurospora. The balance of the existing Beadle-Dodge cor

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