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Distribution of Ectqmycorrhizal Fungi in Pure Stands of Eight Forest Tree Species in Korea

The Arboretum, Seoul National University
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To understand the host specificity of ectomycorrhizal fungi, mushrooms occurring on the forest floor of pure stands of Pinus densijlora, Pinus koraiensis, Larix leptolepis, Abies holophylla, Quercus aliena, Betula platyphylla, ~opulusa lba xglandulosa and Castanea crenata were collected for comparison. A total of 133 ectomycorrhizal species in 38 genera were collected, and following number of genera and species of putative ectomycorrhizal fungi were identified: 39 species in 19 genera from Pinus densijlora, 25 species in 12 genera from Pinus koraiensis, 9 species in 7 genera ' from Larix, 32 species in 14 genera from Abies, 29 species in 13 genera from Quercus, 10 species in 7 genera from Betu2a, 21 species in 11 genera from Populus, and 16 species in 11 genera from Castanea stands. The most diversified fungal flora was observed from Pinus densijlora, while Larix leptolepis had simplest flora. Among ectomycorrhizal fungi collected, Amanita, Russula and Laccaia were found in all the stands, suggesting broad host specificity of these genera. Suillus species were found in the four stands of Pinaceae, confirming limited association of Suillus with Pinaceae family only.

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