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Assessment of Wood Surface Quality Obtained During High Speed Milling by Use of Non-Contact Method

Forestry faculty of University of Zagreb
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  • Visokobrzinsko Blanjanje
  • Kvaliteta Površine Drva
  • Hrapavost
  • Valovitost
  • Kontura
  • Filtar
  • High-Speed Milling
  • Wood Surface Quality
  • Roughness
  • Waviness
  • Shape
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This paper presents the method of surface quality evaluation at high-speed milling of wood. The effects of specific parameters of machining on the surface quality are described and results are presented of experiments carried out on selected tree species, where the effects of specific parameters on the surface quality were noted. The surface quality is evaluated by a non-contact method using a confocal sensor (CLA), which processes the results of the roughness measurement, Talysurf CLI 1000. It can be concluded that this method could actually be used for the evaluation of the surface quality.

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