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[Minutes of the Academic Associates of the Hebrew University]

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MEETING OF ACADEMIC ASSOCIATES May 18 1989 PRESENT: Prof. John Bahcall Prof.Marver Bernstein, Prof. Joshua Lederberg, Prof. Theodore Rabb: Prof. David Sidorsky, DK. William Silen; for the Office of Academic Affairs - Dr. Lawrence Besserman, Ms. Anne Tohias. Prof. Rab3 opened the meeting by stating that the Academic Associates should not have to meet more than once a year. It should serve as a channel for conveying information. A discussion took place on establishing a visitin,? committee nrhich tbe Hebrew University has not had until now. Since thev do not have experience with this type of a committee thev would need advice on the number of people, from where, and the questions that would be dealt with. Members of the Associates may or may not b7ish to participate in llpermanent visiting committees." Prof. Marver Bernstein offered to put together a few documents about how some visiting committees have operated Dr. Silen, who served on the medical advsiory hoard of Hadassah Yedical Crganizat ion, spoke about his experiences. In the course of his activiti the medical school of Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School was mainly responsible for the clinical side of the medical school and Hebrew University played a major role in the pre-clinical process of the medical school. There was very little dialogue between the two parties for a long time until they tried to get them together. There is now some inter change between these two bodies. They are also setting un an external review committee dealing with the quality of the apnointments to the school. John Walton of England has been asked to serve on this committee as well as Dr. Silen. The clinical people are much less happy about an external review committee than the ore-.-clinical peonle Prof. John Bahcall spoke about the work of the Academic Associates. He stated that the committee should not serve a ceremonial function but should solve specific problem

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