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Reframing online shopping through innovative and organic user-oriented design

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Reframing online shopping through innovative and organic user-oriented design Reframing online shopping through innovative and organic user-oriented design Anita Greenhill Manchester Business School, University of Manchester Gordon Fletcher Salford Business School, University of Salford x.1 Exploring Blogshops The structure and form of the Web is defined by specific design elements; its protocols, the scope of acceptable file formats and the capability of clients. These elements are intentionally minimal constraints but nonetheless structure what can be achieved “through” the Web. With the increasingly standardised abilities of Web clients and wider application of accessible design principles increasingly emphasis shifts from the problem of creating and developing monolithic software systems towards concern for the integration and configuration of existing systems to meet specific social and cultural needs. The free availability of, for example, open source content management systems and blogging applications has increased the ability for individuals and closely geographically constrained highly specialised interest groups to more rapidly represent and express themselves through the Web. Importantly, the abilities provided by pre- built existing systems enables greater focus on reflecting and capturing the peculiar cultural sentiments of special interests. 2 This chapter explores innovative and organic user-oriented design found in the grassroots ecosystem management (GREM) of Singaporean Blogshops. The intersection of Web2.0 integration tools and freely available open source systems coupled with self-motivated shopping practices introduces the capacity for direct conversation and immediate expression in social media that, in turn, produces unexpected forms of empowerment (Beer and Burrows 2007). The research presented here reveals how young Singaporean women are utilising blogging systems to fulfil their desires to possess identi

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