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Statistical descriptions of the echosignals of acoustic sounding in the area of megalopolis

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  • Acoustic Sounding
  • Atmosphere
  • Echo Signal
  • Hindrances
  • Statistical Descriptions
  • Extraction Of Information
  • Акустическое зондирование
  • атмосфера
  • эхосигналы
  • помехи
  • статистические характеристики
  • извлечение информации
  • Акустичне зондування
  • атмосфера
  • ехосигнал
  • поміхи
  • статистичні характеристики
  • витяг інформації
  • УДК 551.501.7
  • Earth Science
  • Musicology
  • Physics


The method of the acoustic sounding has old history of development. However to the present tense he still is not a regular mean in the list of facilities of standard meteorological supervisions. To our opinion reason of such position consists of unoptimum approach to creation of methods of extraction of information in the systems of the acoustic sounding. An attempt to analyzes the statistical descriptions of acoustic echo-signals and noise, got in the area of megalopolis, is undertaken in work, with the purpose of receipt of formalization confirmation of hypothesis that by a basic factor limiting efficiency of the systems of the acoustic sounding, there are acoustic noise and difficult spatio-temporal structure of echo-signals. The analysis showed that distributing of statistical probability of signals and noise in majority of cases was blocked. In this case it is impossible to estimate the error of result of every separate measuring of echo-signals. Consequently, those modern methods of extraction of information in the systems of the acoustic sounding the atmospheres that based on such principle, can not be effective. In these article is suggested to build the methods of extraction of information on principle of patterns recognition which the electronic versions of echograms are used as a patterns

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